Stunning countryside and a wealth of country sports to enjoy. Yorkshire is certainly a wonderful destination for the keen shooter. Here’s a roundup of our reviews of gameshooting grounds, clay pigeon shooting grounds, hotels offering country sports and dog-friendly hotels that will welcome man’s best friend.

clay pigeon shooting in Yorkshire

Clay pigeon shooting in Yorkshire – where should you go?

We’ve listed some of the best clay pigeon shooting in Yorkshire available. Two of the clay grounds featured here have a cast iron reputation for showing the highest driven clays in the UK. If you can do a job on what they throw into the stratosphere then you’ll be well…

Coombe Sydenham Shoot

15 of the best pheasant shoots in the UK that will be open next season

We’ve searched out a number of the best pheasant shoots around that will welcome shooters from October, with social distancing measures in place. Tregoyd, Powys If you like the challenge of tricky birds on a variety of terrain then this shoot is one you should visit. Situated to the south…

Hotels for shooting parties Yorkshire

Hotels in Yorkshire for shooting parties

From gun cleaning and kennelling to a comfortable bed and a strong selection of local produce on the menu, there are myriad things that shooting parties want when seeking hotel accommodation ahead of or after a day in the field. Here’s our list of hotels in Yorkshire for shooting parties.…

Red grouse

Grouse shooting is good for business

Grouse shooting in North Yorkshire is expected to contribute more than £100,000 to hotels, restaurants and pubs throughout this season. Nine estates alone surveyed by the Nidderdale Moorland Group will be hosting 150 driven shoot days over the next four months and it is estimated that this will result in…

White Swan Inn Pickering

White Swan Inn Pickering review

Generally speaking, a close proximity to the shoot, gun storage, drying room, kennels, good fare and a comfortable bed are the first things I look for when reviewing sporting hotels. I’d now like to throw another one into the ring: the ability to remain undisturbed. There’s nothing sinister in that…

UK's top game restaurants

Nine of the UK’s top game restaurants

London Rules Just around the corner from Covent Garden, London’s oldest restaurant, which opened in 1798, is the place to go if you have a budget to throw out of the window and an appetite for game to satisfy. With links to an estate in the Pennines, where staff go to…

Gameshooting in the UK guide

Gameshooting in the UK – a guide

Find game shooting in the UK! This guide is here to help you find available game shooting around the country. Counties listed alphabetically.

Newburgh Priory Shoot

Newburgh Priory: Mixed game shooting in North Yorkshire

Gaze across the lake to the ancient stately home during a duck drive and ponder the possibility that Oliver Cromwell’s head could be buried in one of its walls, planted there by his daughter, Mary. She reputedly retrieved the skull after her father had been posthumously hung, drawn and quartered…

Grinkle Park

Grinkle Park, pheasant shooting from North Yorkshire

Set some 14 miles from the coastal town of Whitby, Grinkle Park is billed as one of North Yorkshire’s premier shooting destinations and rumoured to be the only commercial shooting estate with an integrated hotel in the country. The estate, which pre-dates the Industrial Revolution, is the former home of…

Burton Constable shoot

Burton Constable shoot, pheasant shooting in East Yorkshire

Bakers A. Voase & A. Jones of Preston, East Yorkshire, make the kind of sausage rolls that made your eyes bulge as a child. I used to think I was the only one who hadn’t grown out of this kind of gluttony until I saw the faces of the Burton…

Warter Priory shoot

Top 10 game shoots in Yorkshire

The vast county of Yorkshire with its varied landscape contains hundreds of good shoots so this list represents just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to driven shooting in the white rose county. Bolton Abbey This 30,000-acre plus sporting playground on the banks of the Wharfe is owned…

Shooting businesses in Yorkshire

Shooting businesses in Yorkshire

There is more to Yorkshire’s sporting heritage than grouse moors, high pheasants, beautiful scenery and pulling the trigger. Scores of shooting businesses make the shoot days tick and here’s a selection… Shooting businesses – food and drink Yorkshire Game If you’ve bought game that originated from estates in Yorkshire then…

walked-up grouse shooting

Is Yorkshire the ultimate fieldsports county?

Glorious grouse Let us start with the grouse. Ripley, Danby, Bolton Abbey, Dallowgill and almost anything with dale or moor or gill in the name will do. The moors in Yorkshire might not have the Celtic romance of the Highlands but they have a cracking population of grouse with less…

Ganton Headkeeper

Game shooting from Ganton, Yorkshire

The Wolds of Yorkshire is a distinctive landscape – topographically unique in fact. The meandering dry valleys and rolling hills of the most northerly chalk downs in Europe give the whole area a strong identity. You’d be forgiven for thinking the plethora of deep valleys with perfectly flat bottoms, so…

The White Swan Inn Pickering review

The White Swan Inn Pickering review

As an enthusiastic Yorkshire-phile, I was really looking forward to seeing Pickering, a small market town I regularly pass through but have only once had the opportunity to spend longer than a gear change in. With the North York Moors on the doorstep, Pickering’s various establishments are well used to…

Warter Priory: Game shooting in East Yorkshire

Warter Priory: A new chapter is being written at the Warter Priory game shoot thanks to an enthusiastic owner, hardworking headkeeper and his loyal team behind the scenes.