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How much are scopes for air rifles if I get one fitted?

air rifle scopes

Q: I have an old Original Mod 35 air rifle and I would like to fit a scope to it. It already has a rail fitted. I am wondering how much air rifle scopes are and what would be best?

Price of air rifle scopes?

Any good-quality telescopic sight can be fitted to your rifle, and it is worth spending your money not only good quality air rifle scopes but also, and most importantly, on good mounts.

A quick look at the air rifle scope section on the Optics Warehouse website showed scopes in the range of around £42 to over £2000.

  • Your local gunshop will stock a range of mounts. As your rifle is not recoil-less, I would recommend a one-piece mount of a height to suit your chosen scope. You should be able to buy one for about £20.
  • As you may be shooting in poor light, you should consider a good-quality variable magnification scope in the 3-9×50 range, which would give you a full field of view and a choice of magnification to suit poor light conditions.
  • You should be able to find what you want for £50-60.
air rifle scopes

Hawke Vantage 4×32 30/30 Duplex Rifle Scope from the Optics Warehouse. At time of writing it’s on sale at £42.95 (reduced from £47.99)