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Olympic shooting blog 10/8/11

1st OZYAMAN C. 96 x 100 +6
2nd BELIKOVA M. 96 x 100 +5
3rd THEOPHANOUS L. 95 x 100 +4
4th JARMOLINSKA A. 95 x 100 +3
5th SPADA K. 95 x 100
6th BARTEKOVA D. 93 x 100

Elena Allan was the highest scoring Great Briatin shooter with a 69 x 75 in 17th position.

Pinky Le Grelle shot a 67 x 75 which was 28th position and Nicky Brocklesby shot a 65 x 75 which 34th position.

In the women Juniors Sian Bruce finally got her gun back which was lost by the airline and shot a 67 x 75 and went in to the final in equal 2nd position.

But only shot a 19 x 25 in the final which put her in 5th position.

S Bond shot a 64 x 75 whihc was 8th position and finally H Gibson shot a 54 x 75 putting her in 12th position.

Mens official training today and then they have Day one on thursday and Day two on Friday.

Clive Bramley