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Chiltern Gundog Society spaniel trials

THE CLUB’S THANKS go to all the people who contributed to two excellent days. A novice A.V. spaniel trial was held on grounds near Henley-on-Thames, Oxon by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Schwarzenbach and Cullum Estates.

The day started promptly in thick reeds with deep water under foot, about 100 yards away from a flooded River Thames. Headkeeper, Andy Read, had planned the day well to ensure a plentiful supply of pheasants for each dog and the guns supplied by the estate did an excellent job of ensuring the game was brought down, with hardly a runner all day.

At the close of the day there was a run off for the minor places overseen by the excellent judges, Noel Jones and Ben Randall, who both gave every dog and handler maximum help and friendly advice on their performance.


1st: Darren Greaves with ESS b. Cherygal Spirit of Fowlersmoon.
2nd: Ann Roff with ESS d. Almattan Seeker.
3rd: David Templar with ESS b. Countryways Sally Anne.
4th: (& Guns’ Choice) Jack Iliffe with ESS d. Langymoor Woody.
CoM: Suzanne West with ESS d. Sunstar Scarpar.
CoM: E. Smith with ESS b. Darkforest Huntress of Countryways.
CoM: Jackie Ward with CS b. Breezybrook Frolic.

On January 26, a novice cocker spaniel trial was held at Pophleys Shoot, Kingston Blount, by kind permission of Angie Murrey and Stuart Macintosh and with Dennis David and Andrew Godfrey judging. The day was very cold with a thin layer of snow but headkeeper, Mark Williams, arranged the ground to give a steady supply of game and the stops worked tirelessly to hold the birds on the beat for the trial.


1st: John Thompson with d. Timsgarry Varteg.
2nd: T. Ballinger with d. Bryandrum Smokey of Ammerdown.
3rd: (& Guns’ Choice) A. Reid with d. Dash of Duxford.
4th: Jackie Ward with d. Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook.
CoM: A. Reid with b. Kaz Choc Nightmare.
CoM: Malcolm Tomms with b. Brackenpark Mayer.
CoM: Martin Parfitt with d. Maesyssaith Dyfan of Mymwood.
CoM: Anita Jones with b. Wirewolf Aster of Episcopi.
CoM: S. Jones with d. Becklangame Montysmax of Episcopi.
CoM: Daniel Allinson with d. Housty Little.