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Exclusive: Shooting Times investigation PROVES puffin hunting claims are a lie

A few phone calls to the Icelandic authorities have revealed poor journalistic standards in the mainstream media

Icelandic puffin

Icelandic puffin

British hunters are NOT travelling to Iceland to kill puffins as claimed by campaigners.

After speaking to sources in Iceland we can reveal that all of the photographs used to illustrate the claims show non-UK nationals. Crucially we have also established that any UK national hunting puffins in Iceland would require an official licence and that no such licences were issued to UK nationals this year or last by the relevant Icelandic authority.

You can read the full investigative story in Shooting Times next week, issue dated 7 August 2019.

Shooting Times and ShootingUK intend to contact the editors of the Telegraph, the Independent and the  Daily Mirror to express our concerns over their decision to run this story.

The accusation that UK-based shooters were threatening the birds has been comprehensively disproven after an investigation by Shooting Times and ShootingUK.