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Firearms from 1400 through to the present day

This fascinating poster features 106 iconic and historically significant firearms, from 1400 through to 2013



firearms illustrations

Meticulously illustrated

If you were a shooter in 1400, you’re likely to have come across the Serpentine Lock Arquebus. Fast forward to 1866 and it might have been the Winchester Model 1866.

This informative illustrative poster, “A visual history of firearms” shows the technologically groundbreaking firearms of all time and traces the evolution of portable guns from past to present.

evolution of firearms

106 illustrations show the evolution of portable guns from 1400 to the present day


It was created by professional researcher Alex Fernbach with hand-drawn images that give a fascinating insight into firearms through the ages.

The poster is over two feet wide and certain to be a talking point when it’s on display. It’s also something we think would make an ideal Christmas gift for a shooter.

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