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Hedgerow hunting

How can I keep track of my ferrets while working hedgerows? They have crept unnoticed up the hedge on several occasions.

This need not be a problem, as long as the hedge or ditch is accessible from both sides. First, net all the holes you expect to ferret. This will cover any escaping rabbits running forwards as well as backwards from the warren you are working and becoming back-netted. Netting-up long stretches of ground also ensures that any rabbits bolted due to a wayward ferret are also caught.

To keep a track on a ferret’s position you can fix a ferret finder receiver box or a spare box to a long-net pole or probe and position it at the furthest point you want the ferrets to work. When a ferret works within 8ft or 16ft (depending on which ferret finder is used), the noise will warn you of the animal’s position. If you are familiar with the ground, remain observant, listen for the telltale signs of activity and resist reaching for the ferret finder too early so that you can give the ferrets a realistic chance of doing their job.