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I saw a big cat while out deer stalking!

Deer stalking
A lot of people have seen big cats in the wild in Britain so we cannot discount the stories.

But then a lot of people have also seen ghosts and flying saucers, so you have to make your own judgment.

I know a chap who reckons he shot a Black Panther in Cheshire a while back but kept quiet about it because he didn?t want the Press all over the land.

I have never seen one myself but some years ago I found a single footprint in the half-dried mud in a farm gateway. The print was definitely that of a cat and measured five inches across the pads, so probably not your ordinary domestic moggy!

Are they dangerous?

No, not usually, unless you happen to surprise one or corner it.

However, better safe than sorry? so thereafter I left the 6mm Rem at home and carried either the .270 or the .400/.350 nitro Express!