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What’s your top tip for hitting midis consistently?

Clay pigeon shooting
In my book midi clays are one of the most versatile targets on a shooting range because of all the different clays you can use they have an almost ideal weight-to-size ratio.

Compared to a standard clay the midi has a higher speed off the trap arm so it flies faster and, in spite of its lighter weight, also carries slightly farther.

A well presented midi can beat a shooter on speed alone but where it really sorts the men from the boys is in the mistaken identity stakes: you might think you’re shooting a ‘standard’ crosser at 40 yard when, in fact, the target’s actually a midi at 30 yards!

They both might look identical in size but the amount of forward allowance they need can be very different too.

Assuming you’ve got a sound shooting technique then the only advice I can give to get you hitting midis consistently is to make absolutely sure you know what you?re up against before taking your place on the firing point.

If you are not 100%, ask the referee ? it could just help you avoid scoring a big fat zero on a stand just because you misread the targets completely!