Believe or not but Simon Arbuckle says that:  “There is no such thing as an impossible target. If other shooters can break it, so can you.”

It’s all about removing those negative thoughts and focusing on developing your technique.

Safety note: with this type of target, eye protection is essential for the shooter and anyone in the vicinity, due to the risk from clay fragments.

The low driven target comes towards the shooter from a trap directly in front, and flies overhead. It simulates  the flight of a pheasant or partridge, driven from cover and flying over the line of guns to escape the beaters.

You can read the full article that accompanies this video in the April edition of the CPSA magazine “Pull”.

The CPSA is running a whole video series on “How to Hit” which will be broadcast in the coming months. You can find more information here. 

Points to take away from this video include:

  • The importance of getting into the ‘zone’ mentally beforehand
  • Deciding where to break the target
  • Never looking at your gun when you call for the target
  • Positioning your feet towards the break point
  • How to tailor your mount depending on the target
  • Relying on your hand/eye co-ordination