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Essential ferreting equipment

Simon Whitehead goes back to basics in this video to show you the ferreting equipment he always uses.

Naturally, the first tool you need for ferreting are the ferrets and the means to transport them. Simon uses a carrying box that doubles up as a seat. It’s brightly coloured so you can’t trip over it when looking for  rabbits.

The dogs are also valuable. They get to the net quicker than people and marshal the net.

Clothing is another important elemet of ferreting equipment. You’ll need a good waterproof jacket with plenty of layers underneath, leggings, waterproofs and good boots. The material needs to be strong enough to protect you from the thorns when you dive in to grab the rabbits.

When it comes to nets, Simon advises that the decision of which net to use must be dictated by the terrain. He uses long nets and purse nets. The best nets are quick and easy to open and quick and easy to lay. They should be brightly coloured too.

Simon also suggests you attach a ferret finder to your ferrets so you can find them, wherever you go. It’s the most essential bit of ferreting equipment.

Spades are important, so you can dig out the ferret or rabbits, and you’ll need a probe to go with it. And don’t forget the tools that allow you to cut through the terrain.