If you’re a keen pigeon shooter, you’ll know that these birds are canny and not that easy to outwit.

Obviously much of the success you’ll enjoy lies in your shooting technique and so Patrick Galbraith, editor of Shooting Times, recently spent a morning at Bisley with instructor Ben Davies and asked him to show some common mistakes pigeon shooters make out in the field and how they should be corrected.

The spring drillings in place now mark the start of the pigeon shooting season which will of course continue until the last harvest.

Watch the video above and see which of these issues applies to you. Have a successful season out there.

About Ben Davies

Ben has been instructing full-time at Bisley since 2014 and previously worked at many of the UK’s top shooting schools. He was accepted into the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors in 2012.

Never an individual to do things by half, he was formerly a competitive cyclist and comes from an engineering background.

He began clay shooting in 2004 and competes regularly at AA/AAA level. He has been High Gun in CPSA registered FITASC and sporting competitions, as well as winner of numerous county championships and team badges, and finished overall winner of the 2014 WLSS FITASC series.

During the game season he spends at least one day in the field when he is not teaching clients. He strives to make sure that everybody has fun, whilst enjoying clear, consistent and relaxed instruction.

In his own shooting, he switched shoulder to suit an opposite master eye, so is always happy to share his experience with clients keen to shoot with both eyes open, alongside teaching the various progressive shooting techniques that have established Bisley as a world-leading shooting school.