An osprey chick has been filmed being snatched by a buzzard on Lochter estate, in Aberdeenshire. The chick fell injured to the ground after being grabbed. Its nest mate “fell” from the nest 10 days before. Last year, a chick from the same nest was snatched by a buzzard before falling to its death.

Euan Webster, who owns Lochter, had set up a camera to film the nest and said: “This is clear evidence that last year’s buzzard attack was not an isolated incident. It is a sign that working to conserve one celebrated bird of prey while more common species which predate it breed unchecked is just not working. There were two healthy chicks until 10 days ago, when one chick ‘mysteriously’ fell out of the nest — we have no video of its fall. On Sunday the remaining chick was attacked, as can be seen on the video.”