Wear a pair of KomodoPro sunglasses and you’ll never be able to blame your poor shooting on bright light and glare again. That is because they include the latest technology in the form of a solar powered microchip which reacts to the light instantly.

Guaranteed for life

Buy a pair and they’ll be a trusty shooting companion for the rest of your shooting days, because they are guaranteed for life. (But just make sure you don’t lose them.)

If you wear prescription lenses, then fitting them to your KomodoPro sunglasses is very straightforward. Just take the inset frames to your optician, have your lenses fitted and then clip them back into the frame. If you need to change your prescription then it’s very easy to take the inset frame out again and refit it afterwards.

KomodoPro sunglasses

Fitting prescription lenses is very straightforward


It literally takes a split second for the sensor on the Komodo sunglasses to detect the UV levels and adjust the lenses accordingly.

As William says in the video,  the glasses to adapt from shade to sun “in the blink of an eye”.

As a shooter, this means that you could track a bird into the sun, across the sun and around the sun and still get a clear shot without getting dazzled.

You don’t need to worry about the lenses getting easily damaged either – they are created from a bulletproof polycarbonate tested to ANZI Z87.1, so they’ll withstand some tough seasons out in the field and as mentioned, the glasses do have a lifetime guarantee.

The only problem is that you’ll have to find a new excuse for poor shooting as you won’t be able to blame light conditions in future.

How to buy

KomodoPro sunglasses are £185. They are available from various retailers around the country or you can buy online now .