I have been a tenant for more than 20 years and always had guns there without problem.


David Frost

I don?t often say this in these pages but I suggest you consult a solicitor. In my view such a rule would be contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.

You?re entitled to the quiet enjoyment of your possessions and nobody, government official or otherwise, can take that away from you without a proper right of appeal.

It would appear there is no effective right of appeal in this case.

There?s also the practical issue of how such a condition is enforced.

How are they going to know and what are they going to do in the unlikely event they find out?

There?s no justification for this sort of decision as your guns will be in a secure storage and sporting ammunition is not particularly dangerous when in storage.

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  • Robert H

    How are they trying to impose this new rule? By sending you a new tenancy agreement to sign? Why sign the new tenancy agreement? If you have been at the property for 20 years then you are an assured tenant and, as far as I know, you cannot be evicted except for rent arrears or breach of the terms of your tenancy. Your existing agreement cannot be varied without your consent. I suggest that you do not sign any new tenancy agreement or variation before seeing a solicitor as Mr Frost suggests.