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Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur review

It is testament to the good sense of Bentley’s product planners that, ever since the two-door Continental GT was introduced, it has proved the backbone of the company’s global sales…

fox pest controller

The fox controller

Ian Mason meets Colin Beverly, a Home Counties legend who has taken 9,000 foxes with his .223

young ferrets

Ferret breeding

Simon Whitehead knows a top-class ferret, with rigorous breeding, tenacity, a strong prey drive and yet is easy to handle, is often hard to find

Joe Tizzard

Joe Tizzard: Interview with the National Hunt jockey

So, Joe Tizzard, you’re a National Hunt Jockey who has ridden hundreds of winners, including some at various Cheltenham Festivals, but what was the highlight of your shooting season just…

deer poaching

Why poaching is inhumane

The many laws around deerstalking are designed to protect animal welfare, which is why poaching is not only illegal but often also cruel


General Licences

Who write General Licences? Those with a fondness for bureaucratic language says Mike Swan