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history of airguns

The history of airguns

Once the playthings of the aristocracy, later silent military killers, airguns have been around in one guise or another for some time. Bill Harriman looks into their history

game gun

Three popular game guns to buy second-hand

Mike George’s buying advice for game guns When people ask for multi-use, most experienced shooters recommend a sporter. Sporters are built to tackle our domestic sporting disciplines and similar targets under the international FITASC rules, all of which try to simulate targets encountered in field shooting. Most sporters weigh within…

.22 rimfire sound moderators

Five .22 rimfire sound moderators reviewed

As far as noise reduction goes, the humble 
.22 rimfire has reached its peak, yet the shooting industry continues to enhance, modify and improve methods of suppressing its signature report. Now all we need to do is consider the price, material used, longevity, balance and strippability of the newer designs.…

sound moderator

How to care for your sound moderator

If not, you will have a badly fitted and sometimes dangerous moderator and suffer the consequences of moderator failure long before its sell-by date. It constantly amazes me that some people never clean their rifles, let alone any ancillary equipment – they are just stacking up trouble for the future.…

pigeon flying

Will Garfit on cartridges for pigeon shooting

A recent question from a reader asked what cartridges I used for pigeon shooting. The answer is simple: Gamebore Velocity, 28gram loaded with No.7½ shot. But the explanation for my choice is more complicated and requires some explanation. A miss is a miss I am no cartridge or ballistics geek…

Benelli Montefeltro bolt lock

Second-hand super semi-auto shotguns

Mike George advises on buying second-hand semi-auto shotguns Over the years the Italians have made some super semi-autos. In the 1970s, Franchi autos were a great favourite among pigeon shooters while some of the Berettas from the 1980s – notably the A302 and the A303 – were legendary for their…

shotgun cartridges

Why the shot in cartridges should be made of gold

Lead has been used for shot and bullets for centuries; not because it is ideal in all applications but because it is the best compromise. It is cheap when compared to many other metals, heavy enough to maintain velocity and energy over relatively long distances and is soft enough not…


Your cartridges are going to cost you more

Thinking of buying new cartridges to replenish your dwindling stock? If so, perhaps you should do it sooner rather than later. The rising cost of lead on the world market in 2016 forced UK cartridge makers to increase prices last month and there’s no guarantee they won’t go up again…

cartridge review by female Gun

A female Shot reviews cartridges

With the number of female shooters growing, we thought that it was about time we asked a keen female Shot, Laura Ohrman, to review some cartridges for us. She is a keen Gun and was happy to oblige. So she took some slabs out with her on a shoot day with…


Why cartridge prices are rising

Speaking to Shooting Times, David Bontoft, managing director of premium brand Hull Cartridge, said that despite widespread talk of “nasty cartridge people”, the price rises were unavoidable due to the global cost of lead soaring by 20 per cent in 2016 and the value of the pound falling against the…

first clay gun

Tips for buying a first clay gun on a budget

Mike George’s tips on buying a first clay gun I can understand you wanting something better than the old AYA. It’s not that there was anything wrong with it in its day, but it’s a non-ejector and it is many years since AYA stopped making non-ejector guns. So, not only is it getting a bit long…


The modern cartridge vs the flintlock

If you have ever fired a flintlock, you will know that it feels as if the world has suddenly slipped into slow motion when you compare the experience to that of firing your modern shotgun. When you pull the trigger on the flintlock, you are very aware of a sort of “click – fizz – bang”…

Camouflage clothing

Do I have to wear camouflage clothing?

Q: I recently kitted myself out with a pre-charged airgun and, having spent much of my free time practising on paper targets, I feel that I’m a good enough shot to tackle live quarry. My only concern is that most airgun shooters wear a lot of leaf-print camouflage clothing, and…

airgun pellets

What if I load airgun pellets backwards?

Q: I’ve heard that loading airgun pellets backwards is a great way to achieve a dum-dum effect when controlling pests such as rats. Does it work and could it damage the barrel of my airgun? A: Loading airgun pellets backwards is unlikely to harm your barrel but it is not conducive to accurate…

test the Webley & Scott 1012 Sporter

We test the Webley & Scott 1012 Sporter

Tester: Doug Florent Occupation: Owner of Oxford Gun Company Age: 72 Years shooting: 40 Type of shooting: Competition clay shooting Having shot at competitive level for many years, Doug knows his way round a Sporter. As he assembles the gun he notes the deep, polished blacking and the quality of the gun’s components. “This looks a good gun for the money.…

Browning B525

Wanted – a bargain claybuster to replace old Browning B325

This reader’s Browning B325 could date back to 1995 when the model was introduced, and I am guessing it is around 25 years old. These guns keep their value, and a reasonable example is worth at least £500 on the secondhand market. However, this gun’s owner tells me it has definitely seen better days. The woodwork is scratched,…

First gun advice

First gun advice for my son. A 20-bore or a .410? What’s best?

A: Mike says: It depends on the sort of shooting your son is going to be doing. If his first gun is just for a bit of general vermin control around a farm, then the .410 might be okay. However, if he’s going to do clay, game or pigeons over decoys, then I’d go for the 20-bore and…

Checking rifle accuracy

4 things that affect rifle accuracy (and how to correct them)

Next to calibre or cartridge choice, the subject of rifle accuracy (or lack of it) is the one that most frequently frustrates rifle shooters. It is a problem usually associated with older rifles, as new rifles these days are well made and accurate “out of the box”. However, even the best rifles can go sour. The rifle is…