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Shooting groups write new lead ammunition report

A second report on the possible health risks posed by the use of lead ammunition was submitted to DEFRA two weeks ago, authored by the four organisations that have been most…

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A change of primer

A: It’s amazing what does and what does not influence the combustion and propulsion of a bullet on pulling the trigger. Sometimes, even the smallest tweak can make a big difference,…

Bowland Shoot, Preston, Lancashire, October, 2014

Lead ammunition: where’s the science?

No sound evidence, no change” is the firmly held position of every British shooting organisation on lead ammunition. This means that any regulations must first and foremost be supported by…

BERETTA 682 GOLD E for sale

Beretta 682 Gold E for sale

A private seller is selling this great example of a Beretta 682 Gold E for sale at £1,495. FEATURES: – 30″ Sporting with O/U barrels – Set of 5 optima…

Watson Bros

Watson Bros four bore

It may come as a surprise to most Londoners that just a short walk from where tourists buy Chinese-made souvenirs of Tower Bridge is a place that epitomises old-fashioned British…

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The Jackal Woodsman air rifle

Bruce Potts reflects on the Jackal Woodsman, an accurate and powerful air rifle from one of the most innovative gunmakers in Britain