Baikal over under shotgun

A closer look at Baikal shotguns

Considering a Baikal shotgun? Mike George explains why the Russian-built shotgun is one of his top ten guns produced during the last half-century

brace of pheasant

Popular shotguns for the pheasant season

You need to be thinking in terms of weight, gauge, style and action. Budget is probably a consideration too of course. Here’s our roundup of shotguns for the pheasant season…

gun cleaning tips

10 gun care tips

  Never neglect gun cleaning. A little effort will keep your guns safe, reliable and rust-free Do not put a gun in a gun slip into a gun safe. You…

ejecting cartridges

Latest clayshooting cartridges reviewed

There are some fantastic new products on the market, in particular, a couple of stunning new high-performance competition loads which will be suitable for those longer targets and some more…

Modern shotgun

How new is the modern shotgun?

There is a saying in the gun trade that there is nothing new. This is often true: think of an idea or another way of doing something and it will so often…


10 popular rifles for deerstalking

1. Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter Our reviewer notes that you don’t see many of these on the shelves of second-hand gun dealers. Is that because it’s an unpopular model or because…


What’s the best cartridge for pest control?

What I’m going to do here is highlight the various cartridges available and their usefulness in pest control. It’s impossible to choose a calibre for all the different species of…