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Secondhand Shotguns

Three secondhand shotguns

Mike chooses three secondhand shotguns on the market priced from £450 up to £1,050 to help you make your next gun purchase a bargain. Hatsan Escort Xtreme Max Target Price: £450 It takes a manufacturer with extreme self confidence to advertise a 12-bore semi-auto shotgun as able to cycle loads all the way from 24…

shotgun with cartridges

Shotgun certificates – 10 frequently asked questions

    1. How long will it take me to get my shotgun certificate through?   This is probably the question we’re most frequently asked. A lot depends on where you live – read on for the full story …    2. How can I apply for my shotgun certificate?  A…

airgun bill

8 airgun questions we’re often asked

1. Which pellet is best for my air rifle?  It all depends on whether your air rifle is spring powered, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) or powered by carbon dioxide. Discover what our expert advised. 2. Which are the best air rifles for shooting rabbits? Wondering what the ideal air rifle calibre is for…

Secondhand High-grade guns

Three secondhand high-grade guns

If you’re in the market for a high-grade gun but don’t want to pay the full price, the secondhand market has plenty of prestige brands. Here Mike chooses three secondhand high-grade guns from Beretta, Perazzi and Purdey. And with prices starting from just under £2,000, maybe your next gun purchase can…

Winchester 101 Super Grade Game

Secondhand Winchester selection

Fifty-two years ago, Winchester introduced a new O/U shotgun which, in the eyes of many shooters on both sides of the Atlantic, set the standard for all medium-priced factory-made guns to be judged by. It was the famous Winchester 101, built on the Kodensha plant in Japan, and it was to remain in production for more than 20 years.…

secondhand webley patriot

Second-hand Webley Patriot

All you need to know about a secondhand Webley Patriot, including how this high-powered air rifle with impressive pellet strike shaped shooting

ATA Arms SP Silver

Turkish shotguns

In gunmaking terms Turkey is famous for its wood – in particular its walnut. Better than the French Many people talk about French walnut but in fact the French imported it from Turkey during the Crusades. It might spark some comment and a bit of controversial chat but Turkish wood…

pint of beer

There is “more lead in beer than game meat,” say MPs

In a debate on lead ammunition in the House of Commons last month, Rishi Sunak, Conservative MP for Richmond, commented: “The average consumer is exposed to 60 per cent more lead from their consumption of beer. Products contributing more lead to our diets than game meat include potatoes, coffee and even everyday eggs.…

Gun you shouldn't have sold

The gun you shouldn’t have sold

Most of us, I’m sure, will have experienced that sinking feeling at some time or other — the one when we realise that we should never have sold that gun. A rifle or shotgun is rarely just a tool — it becomes a treasured possession. But, for whatever reason, be it monetary necessity or the lure of a…

Secondhand sporters

Three top secondhand Sporters

Here’s Mike’s selection of secondhand Sporters that offer great value for money. Baikal O/U Located 600 miles east of Moscow, Izhevsk’s main factory produces pistols and rifles, several variations on the AK assault rifle theme, air guns – and the Baikal shotgun. The Baikal dates to the Cold War, and was once humorously said to be…

airgunning in winter

Airgunning in the cold

A lot of airgunners are fair-weather shooters; they take to the fields and the woods when the temperature is warm and the days are long, then pack their rifles away as soon as the chill of autumn sets in. As lovely as it is to enjoy our sport when the…

Secondhand aluminium gun

Secondhand aluminium guns

Mike George picks out his recommendations for secondhand aluminium guns. Bettinsoli Crypto Lite Bettinsoli are well respected as makers of entry-level guns, and a new Crypto Lite (now known as the Crypto Extra Lux Lite) comes in at just over £1,200. The gun pictured is last year’s model, weighing 6lb 5oz. The gun achieves…

Krieghoff K20 scrolling

Three value-for-money second-hand European shotguns

Lincoln Premier 28-bore When Sporting Gun first reviewed this gun in 2004, we gave it high praise because it was a bargain-priced gun built on a proper 28-bore action. Over the years we have seen 20-bores built on 12-bore actions, and rather more 28-bores and .410s built on 20-bore actions. As…


Is shooting rooks a crime?

When reader Ian Taylor emailed to say he was being charged with shooting corvids, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Corvids such as rooks are on the general licence and may be shot for crop protection, protecting wild birds and a number of other reasons. The licences specify the methods which…

best shotgun cartridges

Which is the best shotgun cartridge for hitting high birds?

Last season I was fortunate enough to see some fellow Guns shooting birds at extreme range – by which I mean higher than 60 yards. I was also successful with some of my birds, much to my surprise and satisfaction although I missed a lot more. What interested me particularly…

John Jeffries Perazzi HPX

Perazzi HPX shotguns: John Jeffries interview

What’s the most radical change you’ve ever had made to your shotgun? There are lots of alterations a gunsmith can make to give us a better picture of our target, but how about gluing on a reversed rib? That might sound a little fantastic, but it’s exactly the kind of…