secondhand webley patriot

Secondhand Webley Patriot

All you need to know about a secondhand Webley Patriot, including how this high-powered air rifle with impressive pellet strike shaped shooting

Benelli Super Nova 12-bore

Benelli Super Nova 12-bore review

The Benelli SuperNova 12-bore is an advanced, aesthetically idiosyncratic pump-action shotgun built for a working life, says Lewis Potter

.17 hmr bolt-action rifle

.17 HMR bolt-action rifles

This review pits the Sako Quad Synthetic, CZ Synthetic Silhouette, Browing T-Bolt Synthetic and Anschutz 1517 Thumbhole against each other to find the best .17 HRM bolt-action rifle

subsonic .22LR ammunition

A review of subsonic .22LR ammunition

Six types of .22LR rimfire subsonic ammunition from varying manufacturers are tested to ascertain accuracy and stopping power at normal vermin ranges

over under

Top 20 second-hand over-and-under shotguns

If you’re looking to buy a second-hand over-and-under shotgun, the list below have been recommended by Sporting Gun’s Technical Editor Mike George. Most of these guns have already been reviewed,…

Baikal over under shotgun main.jpg

A closer look at Baikal shotguns

Considering a Baikal shotgun? Mike George explains why the Russian-built shotgun is one of his top ten guns produced during the last half-century