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CLA Game Fair visitor

Get a discount on your CLA Game Fair tickets

The advance ticket discounts for this year’s event, to be held at Harewood House in Yorkshire from Friday 31 July until Sunday 2 August, end at midnight on Monday 20th…

grey squirrel

Airguns and summer squirrel shooting

Squirrel control using an air rifle can be a real bind during the summer months. Dense foliage can make it virtually impossible to spot your quarry in the treetops, and…


10 must-reads on deer stalking

The scenery is breathtaking, the air invigorating and the quarry afoot. Deer stalking draws on all of the five senses. Catching sight of the prey, hearing it, feeling the ground…

puppies with mother

Looking after the mother with new puppies

When your bitch has whelped, it’s all too easy to become preoccupied with the puppies. The anxiety associated with an imminent whelping, the stress of having to deal with the…