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The best online resource for anyone new to shooting. Find out how to get a shotgun certificate, learn when the game seasons open, explore how guns work, get help with buying your first gun and much, much more to help you start shooting

Shot Gun Certificate

How to get a shotgun certificate

Find out how to apply for a shotgun licence, plus more information on waiting times, fees and the appeals process


How does a shotgun work?

With its archaic terms and regional differences, the gunsmith’s language is a complex one. Lewis Potter looks at the inner workings of a shotgun.

Do you want to get into shooting?

Do you want to get into shooting?

If you are looking to get into shooting of any kind, then read this easy guide. It will give you plenty of hints and tips.

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Buying your first gun

It's never too soon to start looking at guns with a view to buying your first and any dealer will be happy to reserve a gun until your certificate arrives

Beginner’s guide to shooting

Beginner’s guide to shooting

Beginner's guide to shooting: Here we have the answers to some of the questions you have asked about starting shooting.