Pigeon shooting from hide

Vision is of course crucial to accurate shooting but it’s not always considered.

In an ideal world we would shoot a shotgun with both eyes open. This allows our brains to  combine two images which provide us with the depth of vision to judge angle and distance. It also establishes a point on a line drawn between the centres of the pupils – our eye dominance point. If we are right-handed and shoot from the right shoulder, with luck it will be the right eye that determines our point of aim; vice versa if left-handed.

But for many this isn’t the case. Eye dominance seems to be established at puberty and there is a higher occurance of opposite eye dominance in women.

Lifetime changes

Eye dominance can changing during a lifetime. Simple tests can establish your dominant eye, but most game-shooters don’t take them.

You’ll find all our articles on the subject – how to assess it and how to manage it – below.

Gun fit

Does gun fit matter?

Gun fit does matter a great deal. With poor gun fit the gun is less likely to be pointing at the target or where the shooter is intending. This in turn can cause the shooter to unknowingly develop all sorts of corrective measures to address the problems. What can sometime…

eye dominance and shooting

Eye dominance and shooting

Eye dominance and your shooting! Everyone can improve their shooting by understanding more about eye dominance.

Man shooting by lake

Can’t stop stopping my gun

A: This is a very misunderstood problem in shooting. People say that you are “stopping your gun” but they are not explaining why. The simple reason for it is that as you go to pull the trigger, you are most likely looking at the end of your gun. It is known as checking your swing. The gun…

Practice dry gun mount

Want to be a better Shot?

A couple of months ago I floated the suggestion that even a small bit of preparation for the game and wildfowling season might result in a more successful first day out on partridges, pheasants or the flightpond. Doubtless pressure of time has again stymied your best intentions to shoot some clays and to practise those high-incomers and longer…

clay shooter

A lesson on driven grouse targets

Although the RBSS is a clayground, gameshooting tuition is very high on its agenda. The school has an excellent grouse butt and 25-bird sequence, which ends in a four-clay “covey”. Among several of the school’s old- timer instructors is Gordon Robinson, who had volunteered to offer his advice on how…

woman having shooting lesson

What to watch to improve your shooting performance

When it comes to teaching an adult to shoot, I always treat each person as an individual. I do not treat a lady Shot any differently from how I would a gentleman, for example. There are lots of things said with regard to lady Shots, such as eye-dominance problems, body…


Focus, aimpoint, shoot

Optics on the market today are complex both in construction and use. One sight, however, is proud of its simplicity on both fronts: Aimpoint. These small, robust optics are an increasingly common sight on our gunshop shelves. The company is still family owned, and the original Aimpoint sight was invented in 1975…

How to be a better game shot

Top five ways to be a better game shot

So far this season I have shot on a number of days at home and abroad and, working as a shooting instructor, helped some very interesting people with some very intriguing shooting problems. I have had a couple of excellent outings and one that I would much rather forget –…

Will I always need a patch for my left-eye dominance?

I'm a lady gun and have just begun shooting. I'm left-eye dominant and my instructor demonstrated that a small patch or piece of tape on the lens of my safety glasses would help with this problem.

How can I help my eye dominance problem?

When I was younger I had a very dominant right eye, but as I have grown older I have developed a very pronounced master eye problem. Short of closing my left eye when I shoot, is there some other mechanical means that would help me? I do nowadays wear prescription…