Brown rat Pest control can be undertaken for a variety of reasons – to prevent crop damage, protect wild birds and their habitats, keep vermin numbers down.

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The wild rabbit


bolting bunnies




fox in field




CZ 455 rifle



Clear-up time for foxes and rabbits

One of the consequences of shooting foxes is that if there’s any increase in, say, the rabbit population, you’ll get the blame from the farmer whether it’s justified or not. As a result, one of the things that goes hand in hand with vulpine control is keeping a lid on the numbers of other pests in the vicinity. If…

Tom Sykes goes crow shooting

I always try to keep my farmers happy and control their vermin to the best of my ability. Doing this can pay off in numerous ways – other than job satisfaction another major perk can be gathering more ground through word-of-mouth. Crow problem Such a thing happened to me last…

Larsen trap

The Larsen trap – a vital tool

Of all the pest control activities that we carry out, Larsen trapping for crows and magpies is perhaps the most visible. It therefore follows that the better we do it, the more likely we are to make the right impression on passers-by. Filthy Larsen traps, with dejected-looking decoys, standing on…

Plummer terriers

A useful day out with some Plummer terriers

By their very name, terriers are dogs of the earth. In the past, before certain legislation was implemented, this varied and extremely valiant family of dogs did exactly that, going to ground in pursuit of their prey. Everything from badgers to otters was pursued by the smooth, the rough, the white, the coloured, the…

red squirrels

Volunteers needed to save red squirrels – and cull greys

“In most of the UK there are only a handful of refuges left for red squirrels,” said Dr Cathleen Thomas, programme manager of Red Squirrels United, a conservation partnership started in 2015. “Without help, experts predict this beautiful and treasured creature could be extinct within as little as 35 years.” Volunteers…

pest species in garden

Can I shoot pest species in my inner-city garden?

A: Always be very circumspect about shooting pests in your own back garden. You do not want armed police attending because some nosy neighbour has called to report that there is someone firing a gun out of the window. In most gardens, it is only safe to use an air rifle. However, larger gardens may be suitable for…


How to start ferreting

Ferreting is one of those activities that can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. For a newcomer it can seem quite daunting when you consider all the bits and bobs that are collected by those experienced in the art. However, you can still start ferreting and catch rabbits with a minimal amount…


Is a rimfire safer?

A: The conventional hollow point lead bullet fired by the .22 rifle has stood the test of time and is still immensely popular. However, it is known to have a tendency to ricochet if it hits a flint or stone. The .17 HMR, on the other hand, fires a lighter, polycarbonate-tipped bullet at a considerably higher velocity.…


New law on using rodenticide

Farmers, gamekeepers and pest controllers are reminded that from Saturday, 1 October, they will not be able to buy professional rodenticide packs for use outdoors without first showing an approved certificate of competence or proof of membership of an approved farm assurance scheme. Dr Alan Buckle, chairman of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use, said that the way…


Tips for shooting rabbits

Rabbits seem to have exploded in volume this year. The early wet weather but milder winter has seen an ever-increasing population boom in the home counties and the torrential rain followed by long, hot days has turned sparse fields into verdant scenes from Land of the Giants where I shoot. This is good for herbivorous rabbits, providing them with…

How to get rid of seagulls

Watch shotkam footage of gull shooting

During the summer I’m out on my permission on a regular basis trying to mop up the vermin causing a menace to the farmers. Earlier this summer I was out and about on the estate where I do most of my shooting, doing a typical reconnaissance mission when I bumped into…

setting a mole trap

How to get rid of moles

The mole has been trapped and managed for generations. There are still professional mole trappers practising across our land, turning fields of molehills back into rich pastures. In this article I will be talking you through how I trap moles and the equipment I use. Mole trapping is another one of those highly contentious pest control jobs where every…


What happened to the coypu?

At up to 3ft long including the tail, and weighing perhaps 9kg, the coypu is fairly impressive for a rodent. It is not quite a capybara or a beaver, but much bigger than the common rodents such as mice, voles and squirrels that we are used to in the UK. In…

cage traps

How to set cage traps for rabbits

A reader asked a question regarding rabbit traps: I have been given some cage traps by a farmer friend, but the only things I have caught have been birds and hedgehogs (all of which were released unharmed). How and what is the best way to set this type of trap? Professional…

best rifle scopes

Five of the best rifle scopes

Bruce Potts rounds up the five best rifle scopes on the market at the moment ranging from a budget friendly £549.99 to a more high end price at £2,740. Kahles Helia 5 2.4-12x56mm Kahles, established in 1898, is the oldest scope manufacturer in the world. Its new range carries the…

Anti-snaring film

LACS anti-snaring film is a “travesty”, say rural groups

Countryside organisations have united in their condemnation of the League Against Cruel Sports’ (LACS) new anti-snaring film, which has been described as misleading nonsense. Shooting Times revealed that BASC had reported LACS to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the Charity Commission and the Independent Press Standards Organisation for the “scaremongering…

Fox Control

It’s time for fox control

No matter how hard you try, and no matter how many foxes you kill, litters of cubs will always appear — usually where you least expect them. Keeping fox numbers down now is vital. Once the cover is up and they start living on top, it is much harder to…


Ferocious ravens need controlling

Danny Bisset, Calling for Raven Control, writes: I appreciated from the start of this campaign that gaining support for the control of a protected bird species would not be easy. Calls for this motion are being met with scepticism over the raven attacks from those who profess to have knowledge…


How to control magpies without Larsen traps

Question: I am not able to operate Larsen traps on my shoot as I can’t check them daily, so I do my best to control the magpies by shooting birds flushed from nests. Do both sexes incubate the eggs, or am I only culling the females? David Tomlinson, highly regarded writer…

Lamping with a lurcher

Video: Lamping with a lurcher

With a fit dog and obliging weather, there is nothing better than pitting all-round canine athleticism against the survival instincts of a rabbit. However, these days I am more dependent on a ferreting dog. My circumstances and priorities have changed, so running my dogs down the beam has become less…