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How can I improve my clay shooting? What tips are best?

I feel as though I?m capable of doing better and lots of people at the club say it?s only a matter of time before everything ?clicks? and comes together.

They are giving me plenty of useful tips and advice but I would appreciate your thoughts on how I can move forward.


John Bidwell
I don?t think you have to look far for an answer to your problem, the solution is actually in your question ? too many instructors!

Of course well-meant advice is always welcome but when it comes from several different sources it can cause confusion, and confusion is the very last thing you need when you are still learning.

If you are serious about wanting to improve then you need to put yourself in the hands of just one tutor and listen to what he says.

Ignore all others. I accept that no instructor can be right all the time but you must give your instructor a chance.

Let him take you as far as he can and after that, if you still feel there is more to learn, then find someone else.

But only listen to one teacher at a time!