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How can I quickly improve my clay shooting scores?

Clay shooting
With clay shooting the line of ?we can do the impossible but miracles take a little longer? comes to mind here!

But let?s have a go…

If I were you I would: Get a proficient coach to watch me shoot and iron out any faults in technique.

A couple of lessons should be enough to give you something to both work on, and move forward.

Have him check out the fit of your gun at the same time. Spend five minutes on dry mounting practice EVERY night in the quiet of your home so that the gun feels a part of you, and mounting it becomes silky smooth.

Don?t restrict yourself to shooting at just one ground.

Other clubs will show different targets to the ones you?re used to and the challenge of shooting them will do you a power of good.

As well as Sporting shoots, have a go at some of the other clay disciplines ? English Skeet and Down-the-Line, for instance, will teach you the importance of timing and concentration.