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I look at the barrels when clay shooting!

Rob Eaton
From the second you first see the clay you should be totally focused on that target and nothing else.

With your gun at the hold point, your eyes at the pick-up point and your leading foot pointing to your kill point, you?re all ready to go.

From the first instant you see the target you should never take your eyes off that target what ever it may be, not for an instant.

You need to stare hard at the target and nothing else at all while swinging.

A good way of doing this is to try and read the name on the clay.

Most clays have a makers name written on them, quite literally try to read that name, you won’t be able to of course but that’s how hard you need to try.

If it’s a bird, try and stare hard at the beak and nothing else.

Once your swing is under way, never ever look at the guns rib/bead for any reason, it’s usually fatal as it will stop or slow your swing for an instant and result in a miss, usually behind the target.

Stay hard focused on the target!