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I lost my leg and now have trouble clay shooting!

I don?t want to stop shooting and wondered if I should go over to Down-the-Line and Automatic Ball Trap instead?

John Bidwell
Sounds a good plan to me as both disciplines are what might be termed ?stance neutral? in that your feet address the centre of the trap house for each and every shot.

The main thing to remember is to keep weight on the front foot to ensure your head stays on the stock when the clay appears and you move after it with the gun.

I sympathise with you not being able to shift position as easily as you were once able but don?t be in too much of a hurry to turn your back on English Sporting.

Shooting from a cage means that foot movement between targets is actually kept to a bare minimum.

In fact, rather than positioning yourself for the first bird of a pair, why not adopt a stance based on the second target instead?

Done this way it?s usually possible to shoot the first by using your upper body and arms to drive the gun.

Give it a go. If you haven?t already made contact with them I would suggest you have a word with the Disabled Shooters? Group, an organisation that will give you plenty of advice and encouragement to get more from your shooting.

Visit them at