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My clay pigeon shooting gets worse on holiday!

Towards the end of the day my clay shooting really falls away and I end up feeling really jaded. Why?

John Bidwell
If I were a gambling man I would say it’s a racing certainty your problem is down to the heat in both countries.

Shooting in hot weather really does sap strength and concentration.

From experience, a large part of the problem is caused by dehydration so try drinking plenty of still water or fruit juice.

Avoid fizzy drinks and, when possible, shoot early and late in the day when temperatures are likely to be lower.

Stay in the shade at lunchtime and conserve your energy!

Hot weather and the firing of a succession of cartridges can also cause problems because the heat that’s generated creates a shimmering haze over the rib and top barrel, obscuring your view of the target when the gun’s mounted.

To reduce the chances of this happening ensure that when you’re not shooting the gun is kept in the shade and not propped in a rack exposed to direct sunlight where the barrels can ‘cook’.