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My clay shooting scores drop when I’m at different grounds?

It?s a bit frustrating because I’m only managing to average 48-55% compared to the 70% I post at my usual club shoots.

Clearly the targets are more difficult, but why is this?

John Bidwell
Sporting is not a ‘discipline’ like trap or skeet where targets are thrown at set speeds and angles.

The attraction of English Sporting is that every shooting ground you go to and every stand you shoot from represents a new challenge.

That?s because the targets you shoot are down to the ingenuity and imagination of whoever sets the course, and the topography available to him.

For instance it stands to reason that undulating ground with, say, woodland and a variety of towers is going to offer more variety ? and challenges ? than a dead flat featureless piece of land where most of the clays are thrown from ground level.

Being able to shoot into the 70s at your usual club suggests to me that you?re sufficiently able to handle yourself elsewhere and that it?s only a matter of time until you ?click? at more difficult shoots.

You?re not going to progress by shooting the same ?easy? targets, so stretch yourself and stick at it.

Before you know it those harder grounds will hold no fears and your shooting enjoyment will improve in leaps and bounds.