A female shooter has problems with a sore face and a rifle shooter issues with scope bruising. How can they shoot more comfortably? Our expert advises ...

Q: I am emailing out of frustration and wondered if there was any advice you could give me. I have been a competitor in trap shooting, on and off throughout my life, but now find it most uncomfortable to shoot any more than 50 targets due to a very sore face. Gunfit would be the most obvious solution as I have tried lots of different cartridge loads but to no avail.

My question is, as a lady shooter, would it be preferable to use a rubber pad and/or Monte Carlo stock? And how and where do I go about getting this done at a fair price? I live in Scotland and tend to shoot seeing just a bit of the rib and bead and keep my head tight down on the stock. I would appreciate any feedback as I would like to enjoy the sport again without wincing in pain.

A: In order to control and eliminate the discomfort you are presently experiencing, you will need to look at both the weight of your gun and the stock length. A Monte Carlo stock may possibly sit more comfortably on your shoulder, but a rubber pad at the end of your stock will not necessarily help your face.

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The best advice would be to visit a competent shooting instructor who is also an experienced gun fitter. They would look at you while you are shooting and check both your stance and your gun-mount. They would then make whatever recommendations are appropriate, and you could put those modifications in hand.

I strongly recommend that you contact the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors for details of a suitably qualified gun fitter.

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