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Should I get Teague multichokes fitted to my gun?

Q: I have a Breda Vega Special Trap gun, 29.5-inch barrels, choked 3/4 and full. I’m shooting clays mostly going away (trap style) but eventually I want to be able to shoot anything from skeet to sporting, so I am thinking of having Teague multichokes fitted. What do you think?

A: Getting the gun converted would make it more versatile. However, from what I have been able to discover, Breda Vegas seem to change hands at anywhere between about £450 and £750 – in other words they are not expensive guns, so it could be a mistake in the long term to spend a lot of money on the conversion.

I don’t want to pour cold water on the idea, but it could be better to sell the gun and buy a multichoke Sporter. Also, as it is a trap gun I don’t think you will shoot skeet or sporting very well with it, unless you spend more money on getting the stock altered.

A cheaper alternative to the Teague option would be to have the chokes bored out to quarter and half, and have the stock altered, but if the gun was mine I would get the best price I could for it, and invest in a multichoke Sporter.

One of my colleagues suggested that it is not worth getting a Teague multichoke job done unless the gun is worth at least £1,200. That doesn’t suggest that Nigel Teague’s excellent work is over-priced, but I’d compare spending a lot of money on a cheap gun to fitting a Ferrari engine to a second-hand Ford.

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