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Where can I shoot my air rifle? Can I take it to a public park?

Graham Downing sets a reader straight on the matter, advising in Shooting Times

air rifle shooting

A bench bag is handy when zeroing pre-charged airguns and testing pellets.

A reader asks “Where can I shoot my air rifle?”

Q: I have bought an air rifle, but I do not have a private garden. What is the law on taking an air rifle to a quiet public park for target practice, away from any wildlife or members of the public? The target practice would be a few tin cans on a wall and there would be no damage to any property or any person.

A: I would strongly advise you not to use an air rifle in a public park. To do so would risk committing an offence under Section 19 of the 1968 Firearms Act, by having an airgun (whether loaded or not) in a public place. The consequences could be very serious indeed. You should also read up on airgun security law here. 

Only in private premises

You will need to find private premises to use your air rifle. Perhaps a friend will let you use a garden that is not overlooked and where you can use your air rifle undisturbed. Alternatively, you might think about joining a target shooting club that has access to range facilities, or perhaps you might try outdoor field target shooting. The British Field Target Association has affiliated clubs across England and Wales.

Places to use an air rifle