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Sporting Gun remembers Mike George

All of us at Sporting Gun magazine were sad to hear of the recent death of Mike George at the age of 77. Mike George was the founding editor of Sporting Gun magazine back in 1976 and had an unparalleled knowledge of guns and field sports. He was a top reviewer and his contributions will be missed by all.

Sporting Gun magazine Mike George

Mike George - a true professional to the end

Here is a list of some of the pieces he wrote for Sporting Gun magazine, which are read over and over again on Shooting UK.
A true professional to the last, Mike always handed his copy in time, despite suffering from the effects of a serious illness.
cartridges for clayshooting

12 of the best clayshooting cartridges reviewed

Mike George lists some top choices and says: “The clay-shooting cartridges listed here are the products of just six companies. From their extensive ranges we have picked just two cartridges – a 28g general competition load, and a light load suitable for shooters who are particularly affected by recoil. Some of this latter group are subsonic, so are also suitable for use on shooting grounds which have problems with excessive noise. Read on to discover our review of some of the best clayshooting cartridges around today.”
Cogswell & Harrison Windsor game gun

Cogswell & Harrison Windsor game gun

20 best shotguns for under £1000

Mike was superb at picking out bargains and excellent value buys. Readers found his words very instructive. With so many different brands and models on the market, finding a gun at the right price is tough. Here we gave Mike George the hard task of listing his top 20 new and used guns for under a grand and he rose to the challenge superbly.

Buying gun second-hand

Frantically changing chokes rarely helps matters

Chokes for gameshooting and clays – what’s best

Mike asked readers if they suffered from choke-changingitis and suggested some remedies.

lightweight 12-bore shotguns

From top: Beretta AL391 Light, ATA Arms Lightweight Field, Bettinsoli Crypto Lite

Three second-hand lightweight 12-bores

A reader who was getting on in years wanted a lightweight 12-bore. Mike George found him a choice of three.

Beretta A400 28-bore semi-auto

Beretta A400 28-bore semi-auto

Second-hand small-bore shotguns. What to buy? 

A reader with a shoulder injury wanted to buy a 28-bore or a .410 and asked Mike George for some tips. Here’s what he said.

Browning A5

The new A5 still has a similar design but the lines are a bit more flowing and modern

The best second-hand semi-autos for under £850

“I wish to buy a semi-auto, mainly for clays but also for a little pigeon shooting. I don’t really want to spend more than £850, and I want one made by one of the major, well-established manufacturers.” 

Beretta SV10 Prevail 1 Pro hinge

Beretta SV10 Prevail

Three of the best second-hand clayshooting guns for beginners

Buyer’s brief to Mike George:  “I have been shooting clays for the past six months with guns hired from the shooting ground. Most of these have been various versions of Beretta Silver Pigeons,which I do like, though I have no experience of other guns. I have a budget of £1,000 to £1,500, so what do you recommend?”