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Q: Could you recommend 
a laser range finder to help me accurately judge distances? 
I shoot over large fields and hills, so knowing the correct range would be useful.

A: Laser range finders are very handy for showing the range to your target, allowing you to adjust your aim or scope for a perfect shot.
You have a choice these days of a handheld laser range finder or one that is built into your scope or binoculars, and prices range from £150 up to £3,500.

Good value laser range finders

There are many good-value laser range finders available. The Hawke 600  is good for 600m and retails for £169, while Leupold offers the compact RX-650 laser range finder for £239. MTC and Nikon also make small, well-made and reliable handheld models, priced at £160 to £399, respectively. Leica is synonymous with laser range finders and the 
CRF 2000B is superb.

Built-in binoculars, such as 
Leica’s Geovid series, range from £1,600 to £2,299, dependent on magnification and objective lens, and offer a great combination of viewing and ranging at the same time. A more economical alternative is the Bushnell Fusion , which costs £850.

Rifle scopes also have laser 
range finders and Swarovski has the dS smart model at £3,250, while the new Zeiss Victory range finder is to be released this year. They are expensive, but you should never miss again.