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What’s the best way to shoot ‘crow’ type clay targets?

John Bidwell
I suppose for those folk who don?t know what a ‘crow’ clay target is the best description is a ?springing teal clay climbing and coming towards, rather than away from, the shooting position.?

And, like a springing teal when it gets to its highest point, it curls away and starts to drop.

It might also (depending on the wind) drift away from the stand, or be blown toward it.

Anything can happen when a clay is in free fall.

Because of this unpredictability I prefer to take the shot while the bird is still under power on the way up, or a moment or so before it reaches its peak.

If you have to shoot it falling, get the gun well under the bird in order for you to keep it in clear view.

Don?t let it get below the barrels otherwise you will naturally want to lift your head from the stock, thereby losing the line and maybe stopping the gun at the same time.