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Will gun-hold position affect my clay shooting disciplines?

What I can’t work out is whether I should alter my gun hold position on the trap house at each station.

What are the advantages of doing so?

John Bidwell
Changing the hold position at each stand before calling for the target is a ploy that works really well for some shooters, but not others.

To my way of thinking, altering the hold from one station to another plants the idea that you are likely to get an angled bird next time you call ‘Pull’, and presumptions of this kind at DTL results in missed targets, or second barrel kills.

By all means try it during practice and see how you get on but my advice would be to get used to adopting a neutral hold on the centre, front edge, of the trap house and shoot each target as it comes, with no preconceived ideas.

A neutral hold encourages you to see each target clearly and identify its direction before you move the gun and shoot the clay.