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Will low, driven clays help with my game shooting?

What you said made sense but my problem is I do not have a tower in the locality, the nearest is 70-odd miles away.

There is a club close by but it only throws low driven stuff over hedges. Are they any good?

John Bidwell
The whole point of practice is to keep in tune with the balance and feel of a gun, and to do this is you must use it as often as possible.

While it’s well worth shooting targets that represent the game you will be up against, it’s not essential – any Sporting clays will help do the job.

Why not ask the club to set up a practice stand or two of driven partridge with a couple of birds where you have to take the gun from the shoulder between shots, and move your feet?

Being able to do this smoothly and easily – so that it becomes second nature – is the best possible training and will stand you in great stead on any driven bird, no matter how high they might be when the time comes.

I suggested to the other reader that he set himself an easy-to follow training regime, so why not do the same?

Shoot as often as you can at the nearby club but, nearer the time, book a couple of sessions on that high tower you talked about so that you can get accustomed to giving targets more lead.