Chris Dalton

Chris Dalton

Chris has been actively engaged with deer and deer management for over 30 years and around 20 years ago formed South Ayrshire Stalking with the primary aim to promote and encourage ethical and sustainable deer management and to provide training and guidance for newcomers wanting to experience stalking. He continues to be a great advocate of sustainability.

General qualifications and training

Chris is a qualified DMQ assessor who previously worked in this role for the British Deer Society and is a trophy measurer for BASC /BDS trophy team. He was again awarded the title – UK Professional Stalker of the Year in 2022 and so has held this title now for four consecutive years.

He is a regular contributor to Shooting Times having previously written a monthly column for Sporting Rife magazine for over 10 years. He has also written for the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Mail and Modern Stalking. He has for the last 10 years been a regular presenter of The Shooting Show.


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