Kate Gatacre

Wildfowling on the Medway in Kent

Continuing in her quest to find the best fowling sites in Britain, Kate Gatacre goes out with Alan Jarrett, chairman of the Kent fowlers, for a taste of Medway magic

The dynamics of estuary life

In the first of a new series exploring the best fowling sites around Britain, Kate Gatacre visits the changing landscape of the Severn Estuary with the Gloucestershire WA

Strawberry sorbet

Kate Gatacre celebrates the taste of strawberries, symbol of perfection and romance.

Leek and potato soup, whether hot or cold, liquidised or not, is one of the greats. It has a sweetness and subtlety of flavour that is universally adored. This is…

Use the smaller, less round artichokes for this Roman recipe. This works as a delicious starter or salad with cold meat.

Stuffed artichokes

Pliny may have thought artichokes were "one of the earth's monstrosities" but to Kate Gatacre this edible thistle makes for the most sociable summer eating

A sniff of almost any herb can inspire delightful memories and even more delightful food, so even if you can only manage a window box, start sowing.

We all drink Ribena, so why don’t we eat blackcurrants, the summer superfood? Kate Gatacre celebrates summer pudding and one of the most brilliant of all berries