Kate Gatacre

In the shadow of the Sperrin mountains, Baronscourt enjoys one of Northern Ireland's most spectacular settings

Hard work and dedication have transformed a dairy pasture into a haven for duck. Kate Gatacre marvels at the serene beauty of the Castlevennon shoot

Coast to Coast……  Dyfi & District

Kate Gatacre joins fowlers decoying for Canadas on the stunning Dyfi estuary, where a young Shot has goose calling down to a fine art

Kate Gatacre visits a vibrant club where two great Devon rivers converge, attracting passionate wildfowlers and pintail in equal strength

Wildfowling on the Medway in Kent

Continuing in her quest to find the best fowling sites in Britain, Kate Gatacre goes out with Alan Jarrett, chairman of the Kent fowlers, for a taste of Medway magic

The dynamics of estuary life

In the first of a new series exploring the best fowling sites around Britain, Kate Gatacre visits the changing landscape of the Severn Estuary with the Gloucestershire WA