Paul Quagliana

The Sawley Hall shoot, is run by Liam Botham, son of cricket legend Sir Ian. Paul Quagliana reports

The annual three-day Weymouth Conger Festival was held in August. Paul Quagliana went along

Advice on how to use decoys, crow calls and other kit to cull pigeons and crows

Moles can ruin gardens and their tunnels can cause injury to livestock. Paul Quagliana heads to Wales to meet a new breed of mole catcher

Monarchs of the Lakes

Returning to his old stomping ground in Cumbria, Paul Quagliana is reminded that the land of whisky and haggis is not the only place to stalk red stags

Paul Quagliana spends the day with a couple who have set up a business offering dogs, and their handlers, the chance to improve their trialling skills

Determined to shoot the one species of deer that has so far eluded him, Paul Qualiana heads to Dorset

Paul Quagliana looks at the British reluctance to use semi-automatic shotguns and relates how his own recently acquired 16-bore auto performs

Shooting Times photographer Paul Quagliana enjoys a fine day of mixed sport on a well-planned, traditional estate in Dorset’s chalk hills