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Best dry dog food

All good owners want to feed their dog everything they need not just to stay healthy but to thrive. A glossy coat, bright eyes and enough energy to chase ball after ball are visible signs that your dog is getting the diet they need, along with a wagging tail and a clean bowl at dinner time. There is a vast amount of choice when it comes to choosing dry food for your dog. And as a change of diet can upset their digestion, it’s best to find one and stick to it. If you buy a complete pet food in the UK that meets the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturing Association) guidelines, you can be sure your dog is getting all the nutritional requirements they need. Look out for additional nutritional additives like sources of Omega 3 and 6 fats, vitamins and minerals which can help give them healthy joints, hearts and digestion. It’s important to buy food that is age-appropriate for your dog – puppies and seniors have different needs than adults. Ensure you are feeding them the right amount to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity in dogs is a big problem with the Kennel Club estimating between 30% and 60% of dogs are now overweight. When serving dry food, it’s important your dog has a bowl of water available too. Here are the dry dog foods we would recommend.