If your gun is looking a little dull and the action isn’t moving as freely as you like, you can spruce things up with some carefully selected gun oil.

Mineral oils are suitable only for the metal parts of a gun. All-round oils can be used on wooden gun stocks and the metal parts and will wipe away grease, fingerprints and bring wood back to life.

Gun oils will protect the gun from moisture and lubricate moving parts. However don’t use gun oil on a varnished gun stock as it will attract dust and become sticky – just polish a varnished stock with a spot of old fashioned beeswax from a tin.

The secret to using gun oil on a wooden stock is to apply a very thin coat and nothing on the chequering.  Let it dry out before applying more. Achieving a good finish can take several weeks so start early and be patient.


Browning Legia Gun Oil Spray

Best for speed

Price: £16.00

A gun oil that will clean, lubricate and protect your gun's metal and wooden parts. It removes moisture and rust and is very light to work with.

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Napier Gun Oil & Gun Cleaner Lubricant VP90 Shotgun Rifle

Best for all types of gun

Price: £9.99

Suitable for cleaning and oiling any type of gun and safe with sensitive woodwork. The spray will penetrate the most inaccessible parts of the gun.

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CCL 93372 Gunstock Conditioning Oil

Best for restoring wood

Price: £9.99

Just 3 drops will produce a new surface sheen, bringing out the grain and nourishing the wood as well as protecting it from rain.

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Wiping your gun over with gun oil to remove grease and dirt and lubricate the interior is an essential part of gun maintenance. A gun oil will also repel water on a showery day and dry out any moisture that has seeped within the gun. In addition, you can bring out the shine and colours of the wood in your gunstock by oiling and polishing. For the swiftest and more straightforward all-round use try Browning Legia Gun Oil Spray which you can direct into interior parts and use safely on wood and steel. If you have an unvarnished wooden gun stock that needs some attention, then treat with CCL 93372 Gunstock Conditioning Oil which will 'feed' neglected wood, provide a light oil coating to repel moisture as well as bringing out a shiny new polish.