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Best men’s wax jacket

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The wax jacket is a country classic for a reason. While there is a huge range of modern outerwear made from technical fabrics, waxed jackets have unique qualities that still make them the first coat many outdoor enthusiasts reach for. Wax coated cotton is waterproof and windproof and will resist thorns as well as storms if you regularly rewax it every year or so. Of course, nothing looks as stylish as a good wax jacket either but they remain practical, versatile coats that are well suited to the UK’s wet climate for most of the year. Look out for detachable hoods, storm cuffs and throat straps to keep the wet and cold out. They usually have big pockets in all the right places to stash your gear and keep it accessible, making them ideal for hunting, shooting and fishing. Any outdoor pursuit, in fact, and they never look out of place whether you’re on the moors or the high street.