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Best wax jacket reproofing

Traditional wax cotton is still the fabric to beat when it comes to durable waterproof coats that can take whatever the elements and environment can throw at you. Your much-loved wax jacket does need looking after though with regular reproofing to keep rain running off rather than sinking in. Rewaxing will also protect your garment from snagging on thorns or getting damaged by branches and rocks. It’s relatively easy to rewax your jacket with a good reproofing wax or oil. Sometimes the tins of wax require heating in hot water to turn the wax into a liquid which you then rub or paint into the fabric, paying attention to seams to keep it waterproof. Other brands come ready to apply straight from the tin. Sometimes you need to use a hairdryer to melt the wax into the fabric but read the instructions on your wax to get a good finish.