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12 questions about spaniels answered

We're always getting queries about spaniels in our postbag. Here our gundog experts give answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this popular gundog.

Cocker spaniel in field

If you decide to use a spaniel just for driven shooting, really concentrate on its retrieving and steadiness

  1. How can I improve my spaniel’s picking up skills? The gundogs in question are 10-month-old litter brothers – one is a good hunter, the other bad at retrieving. What can be done about it?
    Brittany spaniel

    Brittany spaniel

  2. Shouldn’t working spaniels have docked tails? A reader is worried about two young spaniels with tails that are getting damaged …Heel work and quartering
  3. Which breed of spaniel should I buy? Springer, cocker, Clumber or Brittany … what’s best?
    Popular gundog breeds cocker spaniel

    Cocker spaniel

  4. Will deafness end my gundog’s working life? After an infection, an eight-year-old spaniel is now totally deaf. What’s to be done about it?cockerinfield
  5. Is it irresponsible of me to work a springer without a docked tail? Once again, the question of tail docking arises …spaniels on lead
  6. Can you solve bad breath in spaniels? Might be time for your dog to visit a canine dental hygienist ?..
    Popular gundog breeds English springer

    English springer

  7. What are the differences between cockers and springers? A reader is torn between getting a cocker and a springer and asks for some advice …English springer spaniels
  8. How can I stop my springer spaniel from whining? Did you know that whining can be catching?
    English springer spaniels

    Springers off to work

  9. Which is the best of the working spaniel breeds? Is there one that particularly stands out?sprocker spaniel
  10. Will my young spaniel learn from my old gundog? Can an old dog teach a youngster some new tricks?sprocker working dog
  11. Is it time for a super spaniel breed? A new strain that includes all the strengths of the different spaniel types?Wappenshall partridge shoot
  12. Why are spaniels taught drop to shot? And why aren’t Labradors?