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Favourite gundog photographs

David Tomlinson selects some of his most memorable - from Irish setters to Korthals griffon, not forgetting springer spaniels and faithful Labradors.

IF YOU ENJOY photography, few subjects are as satisfying to take pictures of than dogs, while working gundogs are perhaps the most pleasing, and challenging, of all.

Whenever I attend a gundog event I always take my camera. Here I have chosen a small selection of my favourite photographs, but if I had to pick my favourites again next week, I would probably opt for a totally different set, as I have so many to choose from.

Tip for photographing dogs

The secret of success when photographing dogs is to take pictures at the animal’s eye level, and not from a human’s eye point some 4ft above the dog’s head. The camera angle makes a huge difference to the impact of the photograph: try it and see.