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How will my career change effect my dogs’ lives?

They are both currently kenneled outside, and I have a large garden to exercise both dogs in. I spend a lot more time away from home due to my change in career, do you think I’m being fair to the dogs?


You are the person responsible for the care and welfare of any dogs in your possession. I would not wish to deter anyone from the enjoyment of owning any canine companions, but their welfare is of paramount importance.

Any dog left for long periods of time each day can develop behavioral problems through pure boredom and lack of mental stimulation. This can develop into a whining noise and barking.

This may follow with complaints from your neighbours and a visit from your local authority, which can cause you even more problems.

There are dog care centres, where you can drop your dogs off before work and collect them later on. At the centre the dogs are exercised and looked after whilst you are at work.

Another option you could consider is a professional dog walker; they call around to your house at a time that suits you and exercise your dogs while you are at work. Of course, there will be the fee to take into account.