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I’m training my gundog for beating, what should I expect?

I?ve never been before and would like to know what I should expect?

Jemma Clifford
It?s nice to hear you have taken an interest in beating with your gundog and are training him up.

As you can imagine, there are many different parts to a shoot day that you and your dog will have to get used to but one of the first things is to ensure that his basic gundog training is thoroughly complete.

By this he should be able to walk to heel on and off the lead, sit, stay – and most important of all ? obey the stop whistle and recall.

In addition he will need to get used to other people on the shoot, the noises and the various forms of transport in use.

The best advice I can give is for you to go alone the first time so you understand what is expected of you, then take the dog on the next shoot.

Keep him close to you, or on a lead, to start with and please do get in touch again if you need more help.

Most of all – good luck and enjoy it!