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Leicestershire Gundog society results




The luxuriant Garendon Estate was the setting for a novice AV retriever working test conducted by the Leicestershire Gundog society on the 4th June 2006. By kind permission of Mr C Burgass and under the able direction of Mr D Probert as chief steward, the test was conducted in an ideal early Summer setting of meandering stream and lush meadow which concealed some tricky ground conditions.

The body of the event consisted of three tests, each of two retrieves, over distances of 40 to 60 metres, some blind and along the length of the stream. The hot dry conditions had a marked effect on the scenting conditions with a variable, strengthening breeze making life particularly difficult for the dogs. Following lunch competitors underwent a simulated drive after which the judges, Mr G Lowe, Mr M Hyatt and Mrs S Lowe discussed the placings; there followed a run-off consisting of a blind retrieve from 70 metres through long grass after which the judges announced the following result:
Winner: Paul Wintersgill with b lab d Corsemalzie; 2nd: Rory Willcocks with b lab d Harper Adams Ambrus; 3rd: Judy Bowie with b lab d Tamaril Tommy; 4th: Peter Bills with b lab d Creazanbre Gypsy.
CoM: Dennis Walker with b lab b Hawkslow Heaven Knows at Berkswell and Laura Marsh with b lab b Staftly Topaz.