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When gundog training how do you tell him off?

However, the one thing none of them mention is what manner of chastisement or ?punishment? to use if the dog ignores a command?


Peter Blatch
When gundog training I am a great believer in the saying ?the punishment should fit the crime? and most of the time the tone of your voice should be enough to make your displeasure known, and correct the dog.

Once you are gundog training to the whistle then a continuous loud blow will do the same job; but if it?s a more serious issue I will get the dog by the scruff of the neck, give it a shake, look it straight in the eyes and, at the same time, use a deep, threatening voice – or blow the whistle.

Regardless of the ?crime? it has committed I never hit a dog with my hand and it should NEVER be hit with a stick ? that?s the quickest way to a dog losing trust and faith in you as its handler and leader.