We're frequently asked questions about air rifles - what to buy, how to stay safe, how to follow the law … here are 9 queries readers often have and our expert answers ….



  1. Can I use a high-powered air rifle to shoot Muntjac? Absolutely not – it’s completely illegal and here’s why …
  2. What’s the legal age to carry a .22 air rifle? Do you need to be supervised by someone older if you are under 18? air rifles accuracy
  3. Which pellet is best for my air rifle? How many will you need to test?
  4. Airguns and Scotland. I’m visiting Scotland and taking my air rifle. What do I stand legally and what do I need to do?maintaining air rifles
  5. What’s the best way to maintain my air gun? Take a look at our step-by-step guide
  6. Which are the best PCP air rifles? Our experts looks at three and reports back.
  7. Can I buy an air rifle for under £500? We take a look.
  8. Have you any tips on shooting squirrels with an air gun?
  9. How much are scopes for air rifles?